Get Rid of These Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms Using EFT

It used to be the only people who worried about nicotine withdrawal were cigarette smokers. Now the problem extends to people who vape and use nicotine in their liquid. Nicotine withdrawal can be tough. Here are a few of the symptoms you may experience after you stop using nicotine.

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#1 – Cravings – Your body is going to beg for more nicotine. While you will be tempted to try a nicotine patch or gum, you need to avoid them. Your body must cleanse itself of nicotine before the cravings start to go away.

#2 – Sweating – Some people experience bouts of intense sweating as their body withdrawals from nicotine. Luckily, this only happens to a small percentage of people and usually passes within a few days.

#3 – Nausea, Coughing, and Sore Throats – Many people report flu-like symptoms when they quit using nicotine. This occurs to both people who quit smoking and vaping.

#4 – Constipation – We all know of people who claim that they always had their bowel movement right after a smoke. Guess what? When you remove nicotine from your life, you may get constipated for a few days while your body adjusts to a new lifestyle.

#5 – Insomnia – As you might guess, if you are suffering from any of the other symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, sleeping might become hard. Insomnia is a common side effect and it may take a couple weeks for your body to adjust.

#6 – Weight Gain – This is not directly caused by the lack of nicotine. It is caused by how you react to nicotine not being part of your life. People commonly switch from smoking to eating. Having a quick snack takes the place of a quick smoke and your weight starts to climb.

#7 – Anxiety, Irritability, and Depression – You have lost that mild high you got from nicotine and now you are dealing with a whole new set of emotions. You can swing from feeling irritable at everyone in the world, to feeling anxious, and then suddenly feeling depressed and sad.

Here is where using EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique helps greatly. Your emotions will smooth out as your body overcomes its addiction to nicotine. Here is a video about the Tapping World Summit that discusses how to overcome addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

After reading this list of withdrawal symptoms, you may be wondering why you would even want to stop. Nicotine has been shown to increase both the risk of heart disease and strokes. This alone should be enough reason to want to stop. A more important reason is control. Do you want a drug to control your life? You may suffer from withdrawal symptoms for a few weeks, but then you will be free.

If you start suffering from these withdrawal symptoms and feel overwhelmed, you should consult with your doctor. They can give you a mild medication to help alleviate many of the symptoms until your body completes purging nicotine and the addiction from your system. If you are concerned, you may want to speak to your doctor before you start.

Quitting nicotine may be a challenge, but taking charge of your life is worth it. You will overcome the withdrawal symptoms quickly and feel great without nicotine in your life.