What Are the Side Effects of an Acidic Body?

For the body to perform efficient and normal functions, internal homeostasis must be maintained. For example, an acidic body cannot perform body functions accordingly and when we hear the word ”acid” it evokes an image of chemical burning the skin and it sounds like something we want to stay away from. But this is hard to do as our body produces various acids every single day from the food we eat, normal metabolic activities, shallow breathing and from exercise. Foods like milk, meat, carbohydrates, and grains increase the level of acid in the body. Medication, processed foods, the addition of flavors and coloring and also preservatives make us more acidic.

Acidic bodies are unhealthy bodies. Once the body is acidic, it creates an unwanted environment where, bacteria, yeast, and illness thrive. Once the body is excessively acidic, the body takes minerals from very important organs and bones to neutralize the acid and take it away from the body. Due to this, the body’s mineral reserves like sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium will lower and cause serious damage that may go unobserved for years, till it reaches unhealthy levels, thus causing acidosis.

Obviously, the pH level of the body’s internal fluids affects living cells in our bodies. For example, acids in the body take a toll on our teeth, muscles, joints various organs and bones. When the body is acidic, extra stress is placed on the body which eventually aggravates various health issues. This is because the body has to work extra hard and over time so as to reduce and buffer these extra acids. The lungs, liver, kidney and digestive systems are taxed to use a special mechanism to buffer acidity in the body. When these body systems get overloaded, calcium leaves our bone to buffer acidity in the bloodstream. Thus the bone integrity is greatly reduced, and thus there is an increase in the risk of osteoporosis, fractures, and osteopenia.

When there are high levels of acid in the body, these levels prevent important organs from receiving the necessary oxygen to sustain them. The body muscle could feel outstandingly weak. Otherwise, you might not have the energy to make you remain active throughout the day. Thus you may experience headaches or fatigue that will make it difficult for you to remain focused while performing your normal activities.

As more acid is accumulated, storage capability is diminished, and therefore the body’s ability to manage the buildup falters, the body slowly begins to suffocate in its acid waste. By now cellular metabolism has been severely compromised, enzymatic reactions fail to occur, nutrients aren’t any longer accessible for repair and regeneration, wastes will now not be removed.

Acidosis may cause stomach upset. This is because when the body becomes acidic, the blood takes up the alkaline forming elements from digestive enzyme system of the small intestine. Through this, there is less than optimal environment for proper digestion, and by this, a person may experience stomach upset. From all of these side effects above, it’s important that you maintain an acid-alkaline balance.

Acidic Body and Weight Gain

Some people gain weight from thin air. They don’t overeat, they exercise, and yet they don’t manage to maintain a healthy weight. This is why most of us are unable to get rid of the extra weight without the help of a nutritionist.

If you decide to seek for professional help and advice, you’re going to find out that too much acid in your body may cause weight gain among other nasty symptoms such as pain, fatigue and depression. The pH level is the measure of the acidity or the alkalinity of the body. The foods we eat influence the pH value, so we become too acidic or too alkaline to be healthy. Fat Diminisher – a book by Wes Virgin can teach you what to eat and how to combine various foods in order to regulate your body pH and your metabolism.

The biggest problem of those who have an acidic body is that their life supporting systems try to restore the chemical balance of the body. This causes the brain to decide storing fat is a must. From this moment on, everything you eat gets stored as fat deposits instead of being used to produce energy. This is how your body manages to get this fat out of the blood. As fat cells have a natural affinity for acidic compounds, there’s no wonder you get overweight despite the fact that you don’t eat more than other people.

Whenever you choose to eat acidic foods, your body uses the fat cells as a natural buffer against all this acid. These fat deposits save you from more serious health issues, so they are meant to protect you. However, this protection can damage your health on long term, as being overweight comes with increased risks of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and other similar medical conditions.

Besides, when you are overweight, you have a hard time finding the right clothing items, so your style may suffer. This frustrates us, as our modern society praises thin people as being the beauty ideals we should all follow. Unfortunately, becoming like these models is almost impossible, provided that you eat properly and you don’t starve yourself.

Making the switch to a balanced life and a healthy nutrition isn’t hard, but you need to be able to maintain your motivation level high on long term. Besides, you need to learn how your body works and what are these mechanisms that determine your brain to order your body to store fat. There’s a tight link between acidic body and weight gain. The sooner you understand this, the better. Once you become aware of the dangers of eating all those acidic foods, you are going to find it easier to make healthier choices. In time, you are going to learn to love these alkaline foods that enable you eat as much as you want without storing fat. Our body is amazing. By understanding it, we can control it the way we want. Everybody can be slim without starving.

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